Adam Farcus

Bug Out Bag
concrete, rope, watch, food, water, duct tape, flash light, glow sticks, lighter, zip ties, knife, toothbrush, compass, first aid kit, emergency blanket, dust mask, sewing kit, bandana, map (Illinois), fire-starter, cloths pins, LifeStraw, braided cable, propane stove, trail marker tape, spork multi-tool, multi-tool, automatic fishing reel, gum, soap, instant coffee, seasonings, chap stick, candles, pocket saw, cookware, folding shovel, pen, medications, iodine, pencil, notepad, paper clips, eyeglasses repair kit, tampons, toilet paper, batteries, toothpaste, cloths, pantyhose, stocking cap, gloves, can opener, pictures of family, tarp, USB drive (with important documents), motor oil, road flare, pistol, water purification tablets, bottled water, and battery powered radio
20” x 11” x 14”